Daniela Berti

Researcher at the CNRS - Paris





Centre for Himalayan Studies
UPR 299

7 rue Guy Môquet
BP8. 94801 Villejuif cedex. France

Ongoing projects


Taking Nature to Court

Courtroom Ethnography

Ritual and Legal Practices of Judgment in India


Religion and Politics

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Ritual and Territory

Religion, Patronage and Politics

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Ritual, Language and Forms of Interaction

Ritual Iconography

Ethnographic videos

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Workshop Papers

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1999-2001 Post-PhD Grant from the Fyssen Foundation "Interprétation des événements et plasticité du panthéon dans le contexte de la possession en Inde du nord".
1997           Phd University of Siena  "Rituali di possessione nell'India himalayana" (University of Florence, July 1997).
1994-1997 Three-year-grant from the Department of "Methodology of  anthropological research", University of Siena
1990          M.A.E in Lettere e Filosofia (Specialisation in Social Anthropology),  University of Rome.


2009-2013       Coordinator with Gilles Tarabout of the ANR programme Just-India
2010-               Member of the Reading Committee Chemins de l'Ethnologie, MSH.
2008-2009       Visiting scholar, Yale University (6 months).
2007-2008       Visiting scholar, Yale University (6 months).
2006-               Member of the Scientific Committee Rivista di Studi Asiatici.
2004-               Research Appointment at CNRS
2004-2002       Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Paris X, Nanterre.
2003                Lecturer (ATER) at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations (INALCO,Paris).
2003-1998       Member of Editors Committee Etnosistemi. Processi e dinamiche culturali.
1998                Member of the UPR 299 "Centre for Himalayan Studies". 

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